Four Observations from an Unusual CES 2022

#1: Event Organizers Found Innovative Ways to Ensure Everyone’s Safety and Comfort

A few days prior to the conference, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the company putting on CES, sent out an email with a laundry list of preparations that needed to be completed by attendees prior to attending the conference.

#2: Startups Had Their Moment in the Sun

Large companies like Meta, TikTok, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Intel withdrew from this year’s CES, putting the focus squarely on startups, who took advantage of the increased visibility.

#3: Curated Events Drive Meaningful Connectivity


#4: It’s Really Powerful to Connect In Person

Following the SK hynix event, a small, diverse group of founders, operators, executives, and investors spontaneously decided to get dinner together. I had the chance to interact with professionals from a wide range of industries. We learned about each other’s families and career, shared crazy stories, and connected the dots between mutual friends from over the years. I felt a strong connection to my dinner peers by the end of the night. There are certain conversations that happen face-to-face that might not surface during a phone call or Zoom meeting. These experiences gave me a taste of the incredible value that can be gained by attending CES in-person.



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