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Q&A with Silicon Foundry’s Analyst

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Alexia Fite is an analyst at Silicon Foundry, where she works with Delta, Deutsche Telekom, Estee Lauder, UPS, and Whirlpool. She holds a BA in Computer Science & Psychology from Yale University and spent a year and a half working at a New Haven-based family office. In her free time, she loves playing tennis and refining her newly acquired quarantine skill: making bubble tea.

Tell us about your career path — what are the key experiences that led you to Silicon Foundry?

As a junior in college, I was fortunate to work part-time at a family office. Before my internship, I didn’t even know what venture capital was. I had an amazing mentor and boss, however, and in my year and a half at Pritzker Vlock Family Office, I got a crash course in sourcing, evaluating and supporting startups. The experience inspired me to pursue VC-related opportunities post-graduation. When I learned about Silicon Foundry, it felt like the perfect fit because of the firm’s positioning at the nexus of startup, venture and corporate ecosystems.

Since joining Silicon Foundry, what excites you the most about your role?

I most enjoy how many different hats I get to wear on a daily basis. There is so much variety in our work, both in terms of the industries and technologies we’re looking into with our Members and the internal business development opportunities. It’s a perfect role coming out of college because it feels like getting the experience of 10 different jobs in one.

I also like that we take a tech-first approach to most of our work. I’m Gen Z and have been an avid user of technology my entire life. Not only do I love learning about cutting-edge tech every day, I truly believe that it’s essential for solving many of the challenges we face today — both big and small.

What “superpower” do you bring to the team?

Our team brings a wide array of experiences to the table, and I believe my technical background adds a helpful perspective into this mix. I majored in Computer Science & Psychology in college, didn’t want to code as a career, but appreciate the hard, technical skills I acquired which are occasionally handy. Most valuable is the logical thinking CS instills and the requirement to learn quickly. Any computer scientist will tell you that you can’t get through the major without those two attributes — and a lot of caffeine. Pairing these analytical skills with psychology aligns well with the blend of creative and technical thinking we do at Foundry on a daily basis.

What sector or industry trend are you most fascinated by at the moment?

I’ve been intrigued by the impact of social media on marketing — specifically the rise of influencers. I think we’ve reached a point where brands are embracing — or at least accepting — social media and influencers as a core part of their marketing strategies. About three-quarters of marketers have increased their budget for influencer marketing this past year. I think the model is effective because the communities that influencers build are niche and loyal. This enables real engagement, trust and highly targeted marketing — all of which drive conversion.

I remember the first time I realized that I had been “influenced.” I was at Trader Joe’s and bought a product I’d seen recommended on an Instagram story. It’s always interesting to experience a connection between the high-level trends we’re following as a firm and our daily lives.

Silicon Foundry is an innovation advisory platform that builds bridges between leading multi-national corporations and global startup ecosystems.

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