Meet the Team: Francheska Brandão

Q&A with Silicon Foundry’s Communications & Events Manager

Francheska Brandão (@Francheska_Mu) is Silicon Foundry’s Communications & Events Manager. She is a marketing and communications strategist and storyteller with years of experience working in the B2B sector. Her skills include external and internal communications, strategic planning, event management and media relations.

Tell us about your career path — what are the key experiences that led you to Silicon Foundry?

I am originally from the East Coast (New Jersey) and right after graduating, I quickly dove into what I thought was my dream job — Haute Couture PR in Midtown Manhattan. After realizing that was indeed not where I wanted to take my career, I switched my attention to the tech industry. I landed a job in San Francisco, bought a one-way ticket to a state I had never before visited and settled down in my new city. I worked at a PR firm for several years (focusing on B2B & B2C communications) before reconnecting with a former Syracuse Alumna/Silicon Foundry employee, and here I am.

Since joining in Silicon Foundry, what excites you the most about your role?

I am fascinated by the contagious entrepreneurial energy San Francisco carries. I have several entrepreneurs in my own family so it’s a mindset I take with me everywhere and apply to as many situations as possible. Having the chance to work closely with Founders/CEOs of companies both big and small at Silicon Foundry is most exciting for me.

What “superpower” do you bring to the team?

My work experience is very versatile. I’ve done marcomms work in so many industries (autonomous vehicles, construction, cybersecurity, food & beverage, fashion, fintech, healthcare, IoT, real estate, SaaS and more). This versatility gives me a very unique perspective when working with different corporates in various sectors by allowing me to strategize every time with a different set of lenses.

What industry reads, event series, podcasts, etc. are you following most closely?

I am a big news buff. My news source of choice is via podcast. During my morning and afternoon commutes, you can find me listening to The New York Times’ “The Daily”, NPR’s “Up First”, The Wall Street Journal’s “Instant Message” and USA Today’s “Talking Tech”.

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