Meet the Team: Ludovic Ulrich

Q&A with Silicon Foundry’s Partner

  1. Above all, the ability to work with both sophisticated corporations that are intentional about engaging with the “innovation ecosystem” and with some of the best founders looking to partner and grow their venture-backed companies.
  2. The diversity of the industries and topics I am exposed to. After spending many years in a digital world powered by software, I really enjoy engaging with a diversified set of global brands, from an advanced materials company to a financial services firm.
  3. Team, team, team. Our team is very diverse and complementary. I’m amazed by how much of a difference that can make when you are advising experts who sometimes just need a fresh, unbiased look at things.



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Silicon Foundry

Silicon Foundry is an innovation advisory platform that builds bridges between leading multi-national corporations and global startup ecosystems.