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Q&A with Silicon Foundry’s Office Manager

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Tommy Fenton spent most of his early career working in retail, restaurants and hospitality. The main thing he learned from these experiences is that no matter what he ended up doing, he knew he wanted to work with people. He jumped at the chance to join Silicon Foundry as Office Manager in 2017, and hopes to continue working in operations and, most importantly, alongside an amazing team.

Since joining Silicon Foundry, what excites you the most about your role?

There are so many things about Silicon Foundry and my role that have taken me down paths of excitement, happiness and challenges. As the Office Manager, I interact with everyone, from my amazing co-workers to all of the Members that sit and visit our Hub. Not only have I been able to grow professionally, but I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people along the way. I’ve been with Silicon Foundry for three years, and I still find myself challenged every day, given opportunities to grow and a great leadership that supports me all the way.

What “superpower” do you bring to the team?

I’d like to think I bring optimism, joy and happiness to my role and team. Along with all the core responsibilities that come with being an Office Manager, I believe it’s also part of my job to establish a friendly work environment — whether physically in the workplace or in this virtual climate we are living now. If there’s one thing my past working experiences have taught me, it’s that an environment that fosters creativity, happiness and opportunities will always be successful.

How has COVID-19 changed your perspective on the office manager role and its responsibilities?

I am a firm believer that we will get through this very difficult time. In my opinion, the need for offices will always be important, and we will find ourselves slowly migrating back into a physical workspace eventually.

A big part of the Office Manager role has evolved into “imaginer” of the future office. We are always striving to make the office space better, but now the question becomes how we can do so in a way that is safe and efficient. I’ve spent the past few months listening to webinars and virtual discussions to educate myself on everything COVID-19-related so I can help ensure that my team’s eventual return to the physical workplace is as smooth as possible.

Any interesting industry reads or event series you’ve started following closely?

Some of the recent event series I’ve been following closely include those hosted by Eden, Axio, Poster Guard and Cushman & Wakefield — all of which touch on what we can expect from the reentry period and the appearance and inner workings of the new work facility.

When we think of what reentry looks like, we have to think of so many different variables. From what opening and closing the door looks like to how we use conference rooms to how we gather in the kitchen for lunchtime. While there is so much information out there, staying informed via various sources for the latest local updates and keeping in close contact with all of our facility vendors has really helped me properly prepare my team during this unique and surreal moment in time.

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