Near-Future: Quantum Computing

“We see quantum computing technology as both a near-term experiment addressing today’s business challenges, as well as the next and potentially greatest technological paradigm shift.” — Steve Gotz, Silicon Foundry

“We know today that quantum computing will have a large disruptive effect on the financial services sector, specifically in areas such as machine learning and Monte Carlo simulation, and we expect it will impact other areas like binary optimization. The question is not if, but when this disruption will occur, and it certainly looks like the timeframe keeps shrinking.” — Yianni Gamvros, QCWare


  1. We can expect to see increasing adoption of QC in the next 3–5 years, as technologies advance and commercial applications begin to mature and scale up.
  2. There are three main categories of QC use cases within the financial services sector: targeting and prediction, trading optimization and risk profiling.
  3. Organizations should think about QC as a form of insurance — strategize around and conduct small, but measured experiments and investments right now to begin preparing for the near-future implications.
  • Educate the organization on what QC really is and identify specific and realistic problems and use cases that this technology will solve for that individual business.
  • Identify external partners with relevant expertise and technical capabilities in the selected use cases.
  • Map the skills that are needed in-house to build the appropriate infrastructure.
  • Begin experimental trials to understand potential strategic value and financial uplift.

“Quantum computing is at the equivalent stage of the Commodore Pet (who learned to code on one of those?), and we are seeing positive results. Imagine what it will do when it gets to be a Pentium Processor or even a quad core. To infinity and beyond.” — John Stewart, RBS



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